Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Battle of Movie Moments: Church Fight vs. An Inappropriate Car Commercial

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The Case for Church Fight (1):
Sometimes a movie shocks you with violence, and sometimes it does it with an amazingly choreographed fight scene.  Kingsman combines the two for a brutal moment in a church where the villain causes everyone to go into a rage and start attacking each other.  Highly trained Kingsman Harry Hart is also there and adds to the carnage.

The Case for An Inappropriate Car Commercial:
Southland Tales was a mess of a movie, but it did have one inspired moment when, out of the blue, this ad for Saltair appears.  If the commercial itself doesn't amuse you, then the reactions from John Larroquette and Mandy Moore immediately afterwards should.

Which do you pick?

Church Fight
An Inappropriate Car Commercial
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Final Score: Church Fight 5, An Inappropriate Car Commercial 1

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