Monday, May 8, 2017

Battle of Movie Moments: Church Fight vs. Clever Girl

We are relaunching the Battle of Movie Moments!  Each day, two scenes from various movies will be pitted against each other where you pick which one is the best.  This is based off of King of Disparate TV Mountain from, and the rules are the same:

1)  Vote for the one you think is the best
2)  The winner moves on until they are defeated, or reach 10 wins
3)  I will take user submissions via my email  Submissions must include a brief argument for the clip, a link to a YouTube video with the clip, and the name you want attributed to the entry.

For the first matchup, we're going to use two from our earlier attempt that didn't face each other.  So without further ado....

Church Fight (Kingsman: The Secret Service)


Clever Girl (Jurassic Park)

The Cast for Church Fight:
Sometimes a movie shocks you with violence, and sometimes it does it with an amazingly choreographed fight scene.  Kingsman combines the two for a brutal moment in a church where the villain causes everyone to go into a rage and start attacking each other.  Highly trained Kingsman Harry Hart is also there and adds to the carnage.

The Case for Clever Girl:
Muldoon presents himself as the ultimate hunter throughout the run of Jurassic Park.  When the velociraptors get out, he bravely tried to hunt them down, only to be tricked - leading to this iconic line.

Which do you pick?

Church Fight
Clever Girl
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Final Score: Church Fight 6, Clever Girl 5

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