Thursday, May 11, 2017

Battle of Movie Moments: Be Prepared vs. Best. Death. Ever

Your Champion
Be Prepared (The Lion King)


Best. Death. Ever. (Meet Joe Black)

The Case for Be Prepared (1):
Continuing a tradition of the villain having one of the best songs in the movie, The Lion King gives Scar one of the better villain songs in the canon.  The song is beautifully animated, using sickly greens to emphasize the sliminess of the villain while also using a Nazi-type march with the hyenas to show just how bad of news they were.  All villain songs should be this good.

The Case for Best. Death. Ever.:
Meet Joe Black tells the tale of Death coming to visit an older to man to learn about life.  But in order to meet with Bill (Anthony Hopkins), he must first find a body to inhabit.  And he does, in a shocking - yet hilarious - scene.

Which do you pick?
Be Prepared
Best. Death. Ever.
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Final Score:  Best. Death. Ever. 7, Be Prepared 6

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