Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Casting Couch: The Dark Tower

So, there's been quite a bit of bitching talk about the potential casting of Idris Elba as Roland Deschain in the upcoming Dark Tower movie.  While not my first choice for Roland, I have no qualms with this casting, as Elba is a fine actor.  But it got me thinking about the main roles of the series and whom to cast for each.  And I thought, why not hear other people's thoughts on this awesome?  I remember when Nathaniel of The Film Experience had a casting session for Les Miserables and the Internet rallied around Hugh Jackman for Valjean, so maybe some sort of inspired pick will happen here.

My first choices (with character description):
Roland Deschain - Last of the Gunslingers, a knightly order in a world that has 'moved on.'  Agewise, he should be hard to pinpoint.  As the series is somewhat of a Western mixed with Fantasy elements, he should have some grittiness to him.  My first choice:  Viggo Mortensen  Alternate:  Daniel Craig

Eddie Dean - A heroin addict who joins Roland on his quest for The Dark Tower.  Eddie should be in his early 20s and have the look of being addicted for several years.  My first choice:  Nicholas Hoult  Alternate:  Daniel Radcliffe

Susannah Dean - A wheelchair-bound black woman who lost both her legs when pushed in front of a train.  Has a split personality to start with.  Should be in her mid-to-late 20s (if I am remembering correctly).  My first choice:  Lupita Nyong'o  Alternate:  Shareeka Epps

Jake Chambers - A young boy of 11 whom Roland first encounters while pursuing the Man in Black, and later reunites with due to a paradox.  No choices for this one, as casting this role will be exceptionally hard since Jake shouldn't age much throughout the 7 books, which will be tricky for the producers.  I could see them aging him slightly to lessen that problem.

The Man in Black aka Randall Flagg - A sorcerer being pursued by Roland.  Should be another that appears ageless, and should also be able to be both charming and dangerous at the same time.  My first choice:  Michael Fassbender  Alternate:  Daniel Dae Kim

Jack Mort - A sociopathic man who randomly pushes people (he is the one that kills Jake originally, and is responsible for Susannah losing her legs) and drops objects onto them to kill them.  No age given, so that can be played with.  My first choice:  Oscar Isaac  Alternate:  Jonah Hill

There are other prominent roles, but those are the biggies for the first two books.  Who would you cast?

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