Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Battle of Movie Moments

Previously TV has a wonderful feature called King of Disparate TV Things Mountain where random props, moments, etc. from various TV shows battle it out.  The winner of that day's voting faces a new challenger each day until it loses, or until it hits 10 wins and is retired.  I've decided to do something similar, only with movie moments,  While mine will not be daily (we're going with a weekly theme here), it will follow the 'winner stays until defeated/10 wins' aspect, as well as allowing user submissions.

For our inaugural vote, we have..

Church Fight (Kingsman: The Secret Service)


Alma's Discovery (Brokeback Mountain)

The Case for Church Fight:
Sometimes a movie shocks you with violence, and sometimes it does it with an amazingly choreographed fight scene.  Kingsman combines the two for a brutal moment in a church where the villain causes everyone to go into a rage and start attacking each other.  Highly trained Kingsman Harry Hart is also there and adds to the carnage.

The Case for Alma's Discovery:
Brokeback Mountain is filled with several quiet, seminal scenes.  While "I wish I knew how to quit you" became the film's most iconic, the scene where Alma discover her husband's secret is a powerful moment.  Her slow walk away from the door into the kitchen is acting perfection, heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time.

Which do you pick?

Church Fight
Alma's Discovery
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