Monday, May 12, 2014

Nightmare Night: Part 6: Freddy's Dead

Contrary to the poster's tagline, this was not the best (nor was it the last).

The reason I have never really warmed to this one has mostly to do with how mean-spirited it is.  I realize that is an odd complaint for a slasher flick, but setting a large chunk of this at a shelter for abused children really sets the film at odds with its quippy villain/jokey tone.  Maybe if it had a more serious tone, I'd appreciate it more.

The kills are clever, I suppose, but again, mean spirited since it relies on the fears of abused teenagers.  I always feel slightly dirty after watching it.

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Travis Callaway said...

Very cool stuff, though I feel compelled to touch upon the interesting lot of Directors who tackled the sequels and reboot; Jack Sholder (Nightmare 2) also gave us the SciFi/Horror gem "The Hidden" (1987), while Chuck Russell (Nightmare 3) gave us the worthwhile "Blob" remake (1988) along with "The Mask" and "Eraser". One-time "Mr. Geena Davis" Renny Harlin stepped in to helm Nightmare 4- he also directed "Die Hard 2", "Cliffhanger" and the guilty pleasure, "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" (featuring appearances by some guy named Robert Englund). Stephen Hopkins (Nightmare 5) also directed "Predator 2", "The Ghost and The Darkness" and "Blown Away". Perhaps "Tank Girl" director Rachel Talalay was simply out her league in Directing "Freddy's Dead" while Ronny Yu (Freddy vs Jason) also directed "Bride Of Chucky. The 2010 remake was directed by accomplished music video director, Samuel Bayer, who proved to be an awful choice for the subject matter...