Monday, May 12, 2014

Nightmare Night: Part 3: Dream Warriors

Where Wes Craven tries to save the series by ending it (he halfway succeeds)

Random Thoughts:
  • I love that it says Larry Fishburne instead of Laurence Fishburne in the opening credits.
  • Also:  While he wasn't nominated before appearing, Mr. Fishburne's appearance means that an Oscar nominee has appeared in the first 3 films (the others being Ronee Blakely/Johnny Depp in the first one and Hope Lange in the second).  No others will appear until the remake.
  • "This is where he takes us." - Further proof that Wes Craven's involvement dramatically improves the quality of any Freddy movie.
  • This movie is the one that introduces Hypnocil and Freddy's origin (the son of a hundred maniacs), making it particularly important to the canon.
  • I like Kristen's ability to pull people into her dreams, a nice twist to keep the series fresh.
  • Phillip's death has always been one of the hardest for me to watch.
  • I never understood why Nancy didn't have Kristen pull Dr. Simms and Dr. Gordon into the dream to, you know, prove they weren't crazy.
  • "Welcome to prime time, bitch!" - I don't hate witty Freddy as much as some, but this is the movie where it really started.  Also, nice cameo from Zsa Zsa Gabor.
  • The scene where they discover their dream powers is equal parts cool and cheesy.
  • The scene with the nurse is by far the most gratuitous of the series.  But someone was bound to have an adultish dream at some point, so I cannot complain too much about it.
  • I never understood the removal of Nancy and Neil from overseeing the teenagers.  One went into a coma, sure, but how many others have died beforehand?  Why do they care now?
  • Patricia Arquette sure has to scream alot during this movie.
  • I really liked Taryn, and hated seeing her die.
  • The fight with the skeleton is so deliciously cheesy.
  • Ah, if only they had ended the series here....
Number 4 up next.

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