Monday, May 12, 2014

Nightmare Night: Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

The gayest horror film ever made?  I won't dissect the gay subtext (that's been done enough), but I definitely feel that you can't discuss this movie without at least a passing mention.

Random Thoughts:
  • The opening sequence with the bus would have been better if the people on the bus had been the teens that are killed throughout the movie.  But that might have been too obvious.
  • For all the shit horror gets for its constantly-naked women, I appreciate that the Nightmare films gratuitousness towards men (underwear shot of Nick Corri in the first film, more underwear plus some butt shots in this one).  As long as both sexes are getting objectified, I am all for it.
  • I find it so weird that Hope Lange is in this.  Clu Gulager is also.  Weird.
  • Man, they sure make you wait for the first kill (the bird doesn't count).
  • It's so odd that a scene takes place in an actual gay bar in the film.  I realize, subtext and whatever, but it's still weird that the main character in a mainstream horror film from the 80's goes to one.
  • Bad editing strikes again:  When the coach continually gets hit by rat tail towel whips, it goes back and forth on whether or not he is wearing pants.
  • This movie is boring.  Halfway through and we've barely seen any of Freddy, with only 1 death.  I don't expect buckets of blood or anything, but if you aren't going to kill anyone, at least make the 'investigation' interesting.
  • "Yeah, and she's female, and she's waiting for you in the cabana.  And you wanna sleep with me."  I said I wouldn't discuss it, but damn, this movie is so gay.
  • All things considered, Freddy cutting himself out of Jesse's body is pretty well done.
  • If they wanted to keep the Freddy murdering through Jesse angle, they really shouldn't have had all the random shit happening at the party without Jesse being there.
  • I realize they were trying to give an otherworldliness to Freddy's appearances, but the whale song was incredibly distracting.
  • Counting the deaths at the party, only 4 people visibly die, although an argument could be made for another four during the party sequence.  Not terribly memorable deaths at that.
  • The dogs with people faces should be scary, but don't really work that well.
  • Overcoming Freddy with love has got to be the lamest of his defeats throughout the series.

On to the third!

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