Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1980 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back
2)  9 to 5
4)  Airplane!
6)  Private Benjamin
8)  Smokey and the Bandit 2
9)  The Blue Lagoon
10)  The Blues Brothers
14)  The Shining
17)  Caddyshack
18)  Friday the 13th
27)  Raging Bull
31)  The Fog
61)  The Hollywood Knights
67)  Mad Max
78)  Alligator
87)  Melvin and Howard
92)  Resurrection
105)  Bon Voyage Charlie Brown
Inside Moves (unknown box office)

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back (winner)
9 to 5
Raging Bull
Inside Moves

Best Actress:
Dolly Parton, 9 to 5
Goldie Hawn, Private Benjamin
Shelley Duvall, The Shining
Robin Riker, Alligator
Ellen Burstyn, Resurrection (winner)

Best Actor:
Mark Hamill, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Robert De Niro, Raging Bull (winner)
Robert Forster, Alligator
Paul Le Mat, Melvin and Howard
John Savage, Inside Moves

Best Supporting Actress:
Carrie Fisher, Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back
Cathy Moriarty, Raging Bull
Mary Steenburgen, Melvin and Howard
Eva La Gallienne, Resurrection (winner)
Diana Scarwid, Inside Moves

Best Supporting Actor:
Billy Dee Williams, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Rodney Dangerfield, Caddyshack
Joe Pesci, Raging Bull (winner)
Sam Shepard, Resurrection
Robert Morse, Inside Moves

1981 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Raiders of the Lost Ark
3)  Superman 2
11)  Clash of the Titans
14)  The Fox and the Hound
23)  An American Werewolf in London
30)  Halloween 2
32)  Escape from New York
35)  Friday the 13th Part 2
38)  Mommie Dearest
41)  The Howling
46)  Caveman
53)  Dragonslayer
78)  My Bloody Valentine

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
An American Werewolf in London (winner)
Halloween 2
The Howling
My Bloody Valentine

1982 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  E.T.:  The Extra-Terrestrial
2)  Tootsie
4)  Rocky 3
5)  Porky's
8)  Poltergeist
9)  The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
10)  Annie
13)  First Blood
17)  Conan the Barbarian
21)  Friday the 13th Part 3
29)  Fast Times at Ridgemont High
37)  Creepshow
42)  The Thing
51)  Grease 2
52)  The Secret of NIMH

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
ET.:  The Extra-Terrestrial (winner)
First Blood
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
The Thing

1983 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi
3)  Flashdance
4)  Trading Places
5)  WarGames
7)  Sudden Impact
10)  Risky Business
15)  Jaws 3-D
16)  Scarface
20)  Psycho 2
25)  Twilight Zone:  The Movie
28)  The Outsiders
34)  Cujo
35)  Christine
39)  A Christmas Story
95)  Smokey and the Bandit Part 3
Sleepaway Camp (unknown box office)

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi (winner)
Trading Places
The Outsiders
A Christmas Story
Sleepaway Camp

1984 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Beverly Hills Cop
2)  Ghostbusters
3)  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
4)  Gremlins
5)  The Karate Kid
7)  Footloose
10)  Splash
16)  Revenge of the Nerds
20)  Red Dawn
21)  The Terminator
26)  Friday the 13th:  The Final Chapter
29)  The Gods Must Be Crazy
40)  A Nightmare on Elm Street
54)  The Neverending Story
61)  Firestarter
64)  Children of the Corn
65)  Night of the Comet
66)  Supergirl
115)  C.H.U.D.
134)  Silent Night, Deadly Night
147)  Birdy
The Times of Harvey Milk (unknown box office)

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
The Terminator (winner)
A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Times of Harvey Milk

1985 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Back to the Future
2)  Rambo:  First Blood Part 2
3)  Rocky 4
6)  Cocoon
8)  Witness
9)  The Goonies
12)  Fletch
16)  The Breakfast Club
19)  Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
26)  Teen Wolf
30)  A Nightmare on Elm Street 2:  Freddy's Revenge
35)  Fright Night
38)  Weird Science
40)  The Care Bears Movie
41)  Friday the 13th Part 5
42)  The Black Cauldron
57)  Clue
59)  Return of the Living Dead
60)  A Chorus Line
69)  Silver Bullet
74)  Return to Oz
103)  The Trip to Bountiful
110)  Heaven Help Us
115)  Day of the Dead
122)  Godzilla 1985
138)  Blood Simple

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Rocky 4
The Breakfast Club
Fright Night
Clue (winner)
Silver Bullet

1986 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Top Gun
2)  Crocodile Dundee
4)  The Karate Kid Part 2
7)  Aliens
10)  Ferris Bueller's Day Off
16)  An American Tail
20)  Poltergeist 2:  The Other Side
21)  Short Circuit
23)  The Fly
24)  Three Amigos
25)  Little Shop of Horrors
34)  Jumpin' Jack Flash
38)  The Great Mouse Detective
46)  Friday the 13th Part 6
47)  House
48)  Flight of the Navigator
59)  Psycho 3
64)  Critters
78)  The Care Bears Movie 2
83)  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
86)  Maximum Overdrive
103)  Troll
128)  Sid and Nancy
138)  My Beautiful Laundrette
Slaughter High (unknown box office)

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Aliens (winner)
An American Tail
Short Circuit
My Beautiful Laundrette

1987 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Three Men and a Baby
3)  Beverly Hills Cop 2
4)  Good Morning, Vietnam
5)  Moonstruck
6)  The Untouchables
9)  Lethal Weapon
10)  The Witches of Eastwick
11)  Dirty Dancing
12)  Predator
16)  Robocop
21)  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
23)  Full Metal Jacket
24)  A Nightmare on Elm Street 3:  Dream Warriors
27)  Mannequin
28)  Roxanne
30)  The Running Man
31)  Spaceballs
35)  Adventures in Babysitting
37)  *Batteries Not Included
38)  The Lost Boys
41)  The Princess Bride
43)  Harry and the Hendersons
45)  Overboard
51)  Raising Arizona
54)  Jaws 4:  The Revenge
57)  The Principal
75)  Creepshow 2
100)  The Chipmunk Adventures
128)  Near Dark
140)  The Stepfather

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
*Batteries Not Included
The Princess Bride
Near Dark (winner)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1988 Movie List

The Movies:
2)  Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
3)  Coming to America
4)  Big
5)  Twins
6)  Crocodile Dundee 2
7)  Die Hard
8)  The Naked Gun:  From the Files of the Police Squad!
10)  Beetlejuice
14)  Willow
17)  Oliver and Company
18)  Bull Durham
19)  A Nightmare on Elm Street 4:  The Dream Master
20)  The Land Before Time
22)  Young Guns
34)  Child's Play
38)  Ernest Saves Christmas
45)  Short Circuit 2
53)  Friday the 13th Part 7
57)  Halloween 4:  The Return of Michael Myers
68)  Poltergeist 3
69)  Stand and Deliver
70)  My Stepmother is an Alien
75)  They Live
99)  The Blob
110)  Mac and Me
130)  Critters 2:  The Main Course
141)  Pumpkinhead
Slugs (unknown box office)

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Coming to America
Bull Durham (winner)
The Land Before Time

1989 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Batman
2)  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
3)  Lethal Weapon 2
4)  Look Who's Talking
5)  Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
6)  Back to the Future Part 2
7)  Ghostbusters 2
8)  Driving Miss Daisy
12)  The War of the Roses
13)  The Little Mermaid
14)  Steel Magnolias
16)  Turner and Hooch
18)  Uncle Buck
19)  Field of Dreams
23)  Pet Sematary
24)  The Abyss
26)  Major League
32)  Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
39)  Weekend at Bernie's
40)  Road House
44)  All Dogs Go to Heaven
47)  A Nightmare on Elm Street 5:  The Dream Child
59)  Prancer
68)  My Left Foot
70)  Friday the 13th Part 8
76)  Halloween 5
91)  Troop Beverly Hills
97)  Enemies, A Love Story
134)  The Adventures of Milo and Otis
167)  Heathers
193)  Akira

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
The War of the Roses (winner)
The Little Mermaid
Steel Magnolias

Best Actress:
Jessica Tandy, Driving Miss Daisy
Kathleen Turner, The War of the Roses (winner)
Jodi Benson, The Little Mermaid
Sally Field, Steel Magnolias
Winona Ryder, Heathers

Best Actor:
Michael Keaton, Batman
James Earl Jones, Driving Miss Daisy
Michael Douglas, The War of the Roses (winner)
Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams
Daniel Day-Lewis, My Left Foot

Best Supporting Actress:
Sigourney Weaver, Ghostbusters 2
Pat Carroll, The Little Mermaid (winner)
Shirley MacLaine, Steel Magnolias
Dolly Parton, Steel Magnolias
Brenda Fricker, My Left Foot

Best Supporting Actor:
Jack Nicholson, Batman (winner)
Sean Connery, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Peter MacNicol, Ghostbusters 2
Danny DeVito, The War of the Roses
James Earl Jones, Field of Dreams

1990 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Home Alone
2)  Ghost
3)  Dances With Wolves
4)  Pretty Woman
5)  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
7)  Total Recall
10)  Kindergarten Cop
11)  Back to the Future Part 3
15)  Three Men and a Little Lady
18)  Flatliners
19)  Misery
20)  Edward Scissorhands
21)  Problem Child
22)  Arachnophobia
24)  Look Who's Talking Too
31)  Gremlins 2:  The New Batch
32)  Rocky V
35)  Mermaids
38)  Predator 2
41)  Child's Play 2
42)  The Rescuers Down Under
62)  Jetsons:  The Movie
71)  Tremors
72)  Tales from the Dark Side:  The Movie
80)  Mr. Destiny
90)  Graveyard Shift
98)  The Witches
105)  Cry-Baby
114)  The Gods Must Be Crazy 2
116)  Night of the Living Dead
(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Edward Scissorhands
Tremors (winner)
The Witches

Best Actress:
Demi Moore, Ghost
Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman
Kathy Bates, Misery (winner)
Winona Ryder, Edward Scissorhands
Cher, Mermaids

Best Actor:
Kevin Costner, Dances With Wolves
Richard Gere, Pretty Woman
James Caan, Misery
Johnny Depp, Edward Scissorhands (winner)
Kevin Bacon, Tremors

Best Supporting Actress:
Whoopi Goldberg, Ghost
Mary McDonnell, Dances With Wolves
Dianne Wiest, Edward Scissorhands
Winona Ryder, Mermaids
Anjelica Huston, The Witches (winner)

Best Supporting Actor:
Tony Goldwyn, Ghost
John Goodman, Arachnophobia (winner)
John Glover, Gremlins 2:  The New Batch
Christopher Lee, Gremlins 2:  The New Batch
Victor Wong, Tremors

1991 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Terminator 2:  Judgement Day
2)  Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves
3)  Beauty and the Beast
4)  The Silence of the Lambs
5)  City Slickers
6)  Hook
7)  The Addams Family
10)  The Naked Gun 2 1/2:  The Smell of Fear
13)  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
14)  Backdraft
18)  Hot Shots!
22)  My Girl
28)  Thelma and Louise
34)  Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
37)  Freddy's Dead:  The Final Nightmare
41)  Curly Sue
51)  Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
52)  Problem Child 2
60)  An American Tale:  Fievel Goes West
69)  The Neverending Story 2
79)  Child's Play 3
83)  Not Without My Daughter
85)  Ernest Scared Stupid
87)  Drop Dead Fred
104)  Bingo
132)  Paris is Burning

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Terminator 2:  Judgement Day
Beauty and the Beast (winner)
The Silence of the Lambs
The Addams Family
Thelma and Louise

Best Actress:
Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2:  Judgement Day
Jodie Foster, The Silence of the Lambs (winner)
Anjelica Huston, The Addams Family
Geena Davis, Thelma and Louise
Susan Sarandon, Thelma and Louise

Best Actor:
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator 2:  Judgement Day
Kevin Costner, Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves
Robby Benson, Beauty and the Beast
Billy Crystal, City Slickers
Raul Julia, The Addams Family (winner)

Best Supporting Actress:
Geraldine McEwan, Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves
Angela Lansbury, Beauty and the Beast (winner)
Brooke Smith, The Silence of the Lambs
Judith Malina, The Addams Family

Best Supporting Actor:
Robert Patrick, Terminator 2:  Judgement Day
Alan Rickman, Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves
Jerry Orbach, Beauty and the Beast
Anthony Hopkins, The Silence of the Lambs (winner)
Christopher Lloyd, The Addams Family

Short Reviews

Since I am way behind on the pitiful number of movies I have seen this year, here are some short reviews for them.

Monsters University
If I were to retitle this movie, it would be called Bland... except for because that pretty much sums up the movie.  The monster designs are fairly bland, except for quasi-villain Dean Hardscrabble.  The plot is fairly cliche, except for an honest surprise at the end.  The laughter is plain and unoffensive, except for one or two jokes that are belly-bursters.  Considering that this is a prequel to one of Pixar's best movies, I had high hopes for it.  But it was not to be.  The film isn't bad by a longshot, but you are better off watching Monsters, Inc. for a second, third, fourth, and hundredth time.  5.5 out of 10

The Heat
A formulaic buddy-cop action-comedy done right.  Both actresses knock it out of the park and breathe life into the well-known tropes that dominate this genre.  I especially appreciate that they didn't try to do too much with it:  Both are after the same bad guy, they team up, funny stuff happens, they catch the head baddie.  And I only stopped laughing for one scene (the impromptu tracheotomy scene felt like it came from a different movie and was completely unnecessary), and the movie moved along at a quick pace.  Melissa McCarthy is easily best in show, though Sandra Bullock and Michael McDonald also impress.  8.0 out of 10

This Is The End
Hilarious movie.  Its an end-of-the-world movie where the people left behind are not very nice people, and it builds all the humor around that fact.  After killing off a large chunk of people we follow the main 6 guys (James Franco, Seth Rogen, Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and Jay Baruchel all playing fictional versions of themselves) as they try to navigate the Apocalypse.  All are hilarious, with best in show honors going to Robinson.  The humor is not for everyone (very crude at some points) and can very easily offend someone who doesn't know what they are going into.  With those warnings, however, you should enjoy yourself.  8.0 out of 10

Warm Bodies
A surprisingly sweet film.  The first of two PG-13 zombie flicks, this one is the one you should see (not that other piece of shit) since it actually shows a bit of the aftermath of a zombie attack (its an actual plot point!) while still being 'safe' enough for the rating.  An undead take on Romeo and Juliet, (with a happier ending, natch) this movie features strong performances, sly humor, and a quick pace.  Analeigh Tipton gives the best performance in the movie, but Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, and Rob Corddry are also very good.  The Midnight Max review suggests that Palmer should be getting more of Kristen Stewart's roles, and I think there is some legitimacy to the statement.  Recommended.  7.0 out of 10

John Dies at the End
A weird movie that will most likely end up as a cult classic.  It follows Chase Williamson as David Wong and Rob Mayes as the titular John as all sorts of strange things start happening to them after coming into contact with 'soy sauce' - a drug that allows the user to see things that normally cannot be perceived.  The humor is so deadpan that at some points I think the jokes might be missed, but the film adapts the book rather well.  Williamson is fairly solid as the lead, with Mayes providing solid support.  Paul Giamatti is a journalist interviewing David Wong about what he went through, and while he has fun with the role, other character actors might have been better choices (although Giamatti's involvement might have been what got the movie made in the first place).  Not for everyone, but well worth checking out.  7.0 out of 10.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

South Park Tourney

So, the season 8 South Park tournament starts tomorrow, and I thought I might break down the matchups and who I think should win.

Had I known about this beforehand, I would have done it for the prior seasons (I still might).  Without further ado...

Good Times with Weapons vs. Quest for Ratings:
Good Times with Weapons is the episode where Butters gets a ninja star in his eye while they play with weapons they bought at a trade show.  It is best remembered for its mocking of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl controversy and for the stylized animation for several parts of the boys fights.
Quest for Ratings is the episode where the boys are doing a news show and face constant cancellation for not getting good ratings, especially compared to Craig's 'Animal Close-Up with A Wide-Angle Lens.'  They win, but discover the cost of a successful show.

Who Should WinGood Times with Weapons for the biting commentary.  I could have done without the Butters in the dog pound section, but otherwise, it manages to mock the 'controversy' at the time while still telling a funny and engaging story.  Quest for Ratings is entertaining at stages, but is definitely one of the lesser episodes from the season, and the ending felt arbitrary.

Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset vs. You Got F'd in the A:
Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset is the Paris Hilton episode.
You Got F'd in the A is the You Got Served episode.

Who Should WinStupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset (by a hair).  Paris Hilton is an easy target, but the episode is more mocking those who emulate her.  It has a rather hilarious speech from Mr. Slave on how it isn't great to be a whore, plus it references The Death Camp of Tolerance (which is a better episode than both of these).  You Got F'd in the A is a nice piss-take on You Got Served, and the Butters finale is hilarious, but the episode is fairly forgettable outside of the ending.  The real tragedy is that one of these episodes is going to make the second round when they are easily the two of the weaker entries in an otherwise strong season.

Cartman's Incredible Gift vs. Up the Down Steroid:
Cartman's Incredible Gift is the episode where Cartman pretends to be psychic and keeps accusing the wrong people for a series of murders while Kyle tries to get the police to go after the real culprit.
Up the Down Steroid is the episode where Cartman tries to get into the Special Olympics by pretending to be retarded (thinking it will be an easy win) while Jimmy starts taking steroids for the same.

Who Should Win:  In a nail-biter, Up the Down Steroid.  Both of the main plots are funny and engaging (I particularly like the speech Kyle gives to Cartman about how he will go to Hell if he gets into the Special Olympics) with slightly more memorable moments than Cartman's Incredible Gift.  But this was a tough one to call (both are better than the last matchup - see the travesty of the seeding?)

AWESOM-O vs. Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes:
AWESOM-O is the episode where Cartman pretends to be a robot to get dirt on Butters, only the discover that Butters has an embarrassing tape of him.
Somethign Wall-Mart This Way Comes is the episode where Wal-Mart starts killing all the businesses in town, so the boys try to find a way to destroy it.

Who Should WinSomething Wall-Mart This Way ComesAWESOM-O is amongst my personal favorite episodes, but the satire on Wal-Mart in the other episode plays to all the strengths of South Park as a show:  Biting social commentary surrounded by incredibly crude humor.  But I would be okay with either winning.  And you see how awful it is that one of these two will be out while Stupid Spoiled Whore or You Got F'd goes on?

Goobacks vs. Douche and Turd:
Goobacks is the episode where people from the future go back in time to get jobs, so that the money can be saved up and go to their future families.  Because they work for so cheap, the people of South Park lose their jobs, and the men decide to 'go gay' to prevent the future from happening.
Douche and Turd is the episode where, because of PETA protests, South Park Elementary must choose a new mascot and it comes down to either a Douche or a Turd.  Since Stan refuses to vote, he gets exiled from the city.

Who Should Win:  Douche and Turd, easily.  Goobacks is not without its charms ("This is way gayer than the man pile!"), but Douche and Turd cranks up the ridiculousness to insane levels and pulls humor from every single scene while mocking every character Stan interacts with.

Woodland Critter Christmas vs. The Passion of the Jew:
Woodland Critter Christmas is the episode told in rhyme where Stan helps some woodland critters prepare for Christmas, only to discover that he is inadvertently bringing about the birth of the Antichrist.
The Passion of the Jew is the episode about The Passion of the Christ.  Cartman starts turning confused townspeople into Nazis, Kyle wants to apologize for the Jews killing Jesus, and Stan and Kenny just want their money back.

Who Should WinWoodland Critter ChristmasThe Passion of the Jew is more likely to win (just for the Cartman stuff alone), but Woodland Critter Christmas comes from out of left field and slowly builds into a giant, wonderful clusterfuck of inappropriateness at its climax.  It literally has everything.  So vote for it!

The Jeffersons vs. Pre-School:
The Jeffersons is the episode where Michael Jackson Jefferson moves to South Park.  The police are trying to frame him, so it is up to Cartman to defend him.  Stan and Kyle just wonder why Mr. Jefferson doesn't take care of his son.
Pre-School is the episode where a former schoolmate who was wrongly sent to juvenile detention instead of the boys gets out and tries to get his revenge on them.  The boys try desperately to avoid just desserts.

Who Should WinPre-School.  Both of these episodes are more story-driven than most (except for some light satire on Michael Jackson fans w/r/t the police framing him), but to me, Pre-School has the stronger laughs.  Seeing various characters in the hospital for Indian sunburns, charlie horses, and other childhood pranks is a nice surreal touch, as is people's clueless reactions to Miss Claridge's various states of distress.

There are my votes.  Feel free to tell me yours in the comments (and make sure to go vote at the website linked at the top of the page).

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1992 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Aladdin
2)  Home Alone 2:  Lost in New York
3)  Batman Returns
6)  Sister Act
8)  Wayne's World
10)  A League of Their Own
11)  Unforgiven
13)  Under Siege
15)  Bram Stoker's Dracula
22)  Honey, I Blew Up the Kid
24)  Death Becomes Her
26)  Beethoven
28)  Alien 3
29)  My Cousin Vinny
31)  The Mighty Ducks
38)  Encino Man
40)  Universal Soldier
44)  3 Ninjas
47)  The Muppet Christmas Carol
51)  Fern Gully:  The Last Rainforest
72)  Pet Semetary 2
74)  Buffy the Vampire Slayer
76)  Ladybugs
90)  Rock-A-Doodle
100)  Bebe's Kids
120)  Radio Flyer
136)  Reservoir Dogs
138)  Newsies
147)  Mom and Dad Save the World

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Batman Returns
A League of Their Own
Unforgiven (winner)
Death Becomes Her
Reservoir Dogs

Best Actress:
Whoopi Goldberg, Sister Act
Geena Davis, A League of Their Own
Lori Petty, A League of Their Own
Meryl Streep, Death Becomes Her (winner)
Goldie Hawn, Death Becomes Her

Best Actor:
Michael Keaton, Batman Returns
Mike Myers, Wayne's World
Clint Eastwood, Unforgiven (winner)
Bruce Willis, Death Becomes Her
Joe Pesci, My Cousin Vinny

Best Supporting Actress:
Brenda Fricker, Home Alone 2:  Lost in New York
Michelle Pfeiffer, Batman Returns (winner)
Kathy Najimy, Sister Act
Wendy Makkena, Sister Act
Marisa Tomei, My Cousin Vinny

Best Supporting Actor:
Danny DeVito, Batman Returns
Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own
Gene Hackman, Unforgiven
Michael Madsen, Reservoir Dogs (winner)
Steve Buscemi, Reservoir Dogs

Saturday, July 6, 2013

1993 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Jurassic Park
2)  Mrs. Doubtfire
3)  The Fugitive
9)  Schindler's List
11)  Free Willy
13)  Groundhog Day
14)  Grumpy Old Men
15)  Cool Runnings
16)  Dave
18)  Demolition Man
19)  Sister Act 2:  Back in the Habit
20)  Tombstone
22)  Rookie of the Year
23)  Beethoven's 2nd
24)  Dennis the Menace
26)  Last Action Hero
27)  The Nightmare Before Christmas
28)  Addams Family Values
29)  Wayne's World 2
32)  The Good Son
33)  The Beverly Hillbillies
34)  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3
35)  Homeward Bound:  The Incredible Journey
39)  Hocus Pocus
41)  Hot Shots:  Part Deux
43)  Alive
44)  Son-in-Law
46)  Robin Hood:  Men in Tights
50)  The Sandlot
53)  The Secret Garden
69)  Rudy
73)  Coneheads
74)  Super Mario Bros.
84)  Sidekicks
86)  Jason Goes to Hell:  The Final Friday
90)  The Crush
93)  A Far Off Place
101)  Army of Darkness
109)  Look Who's Talking Now
115)  We're Back!:  A Dinosaur Story
117)  Leprechaun
120)  The Meteor Man
121)  Dazed and Confused
139)  Batman:  Mask of the Phantasm
148)  Mr. Nanny
151)  Tom & Jerry:  The Movie
157)  Splitting Heirs
177)  Carnosaur
179)  Josh and S.A.M.
225)  Dead Alive

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Jurassic Park
Schindler's List (winner)
Groundhog Day
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Addams Family Values

Best Actress:
Sigourney Weaver, Dave
Whoopi Goldberg, Sister Act 2:  Back in the Habit
Anjelica Huston, Addams Family Values
Bette Midler, Hocus Pocus (winner)
Alicia Silverstone, The Crush

Best Actor:
Liam Neeson, Schindler's List (winner)
Bill Murray, Groundhog Day
Jack Lemmon, Grumpy Old Men
Walter Matthau, Grumpy Old Men
Kevin Kline, Dave

Best Supporting Actress:
Minnie Driver, Groundhog Day
Ann-Margaret, Grumpy Old Men
Joan Cusack, Addams Family Values
Christina Ricci, Addams Family Values (winner)
Kathy Najimy, Hocus Pocus

Best Supporting Actor:
Ralph Fiennes, Schindler's List (winner)
Ben Kingsley, Schindler's List
Meredith Burgess, Grumpy Old Men
John Candy, Cool Runnings
Val Kilmer, Tombstone