Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mini Reviews: The Haunting, Ratatouille, John Dies at the End, Warm Bodies

John Dies at the End:
Fun film with solid to good performances.  Great delivery especially from Chase Williamson.  Highly recommended, but be warned:  This is a weird movie.  Grade: B+

Warm Bodies:
Surprisingly sweet film, with great chemistry between the leads and solid supporting performances from Analeigh Tipton and Rob Corddry.  Grade:  A-

Entertaining, but I could never really get past the premise, even if I did enjoy the overall message.  Felt that there were too many subplots.  Grade:  B-

The Haunting:
(1963 version)  Still a good spine-tingler.  Deserved cult following, with strong performances from Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, and Russ Tamblyn.  Could have done with less voiceover, though.  Grade:  A-

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