Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire
3)  Frozen
6)  Gravity
7)  Monsters University
8)  The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug
10)  Oz the Great and Powerful
12)  Thor: The Dark World
13)  World War Z
14)  The Croods
15)  The Heat
17)  American Hustle
19)  The Conjuring
32)  Captain Phillips
34)  Pacific Rim
35)  This is the End
43)  Saving Mr. Banks  
47)  Mama
53)  Warm Bodies
55)  The Purge
65)  Evil Dead
79)  August:  Osage County
83)  Carrie
95)  Dallas Buyers Club
96)  Rush
100)  Her
102)  Don Jon
108)  The Place Beyond the Pines
114)  You're Next
117)  Nebraska
120)  Dark Skies
146)  The Bling Ring
153)  Much Ado About Nothing
154)  Frances Ha
177)  Blue is the Warmest Color
184)  Blackfish
213)  Kill Your Darlings
259)  Drinking Buddies
273)  Blancanieves
316)  John Dies at the End
323)  Europa Report
488)  V/H/S 2
489)  The ABC's of Death
The Starving Games (unknown box office)

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
This is the End
Her (winner)
Frances Ha
Drinking Buddies
HM:  Frozen, Rush, The Place Beyond the Pines

Best Actress:
Amy Adams, American Hustle
Emma Thompson, Saving Mr. Banks
Scarlett Johansson, Her
Greta Gerwig, Frances Ha (winner)
Adele Exarchopoulos, Blue is the Warmest Color
HM:  Amy Acker, Much Ado About Nothing, Olivia Wilde, Drinking Buddies

Best Actor:
Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips
Nicholas Hoult, Warm Bodies
Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club
Daniel Bruhl, Rush
Joaquin Phoenix, Her (winner)
HM:  Christian Bale, American Hustle, Chase Williamson, John Dies at the End

Best Supporting Actress:
Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle
Scarlett Johansson, Don Jon
Lea Seydoux, Blue is the Warmest Color
Anna Kendrick, Drinking Buddies
Maribel Verdu, Blancanieves (winner)
HM:  Julianne Moore, Don Jon, Amy Adams, Her

Best Supporting Actor:
Michael McDonald, The Heat
B.J. Novak, Saving Mr. Banks
Ryan Gosling, The Place Beyond the Pines (winner)
Bradley Cooper, The Place Beyond the Pines
Michael Zegen, Frances Ha
HM:  Craig Robinson, This is the End, Benedict Cumberbatch, The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug

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