Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2008 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  The Dark Knight
3)  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
4)  Hancock
5)  WALL-E
6)  Kung Fu Panda
9)  Quantum of Solace
11)  Sex and the City
13)  Mamma Mia!
15)  The Chronicles of Narnia:  Prince Caspian
39)  Cloverfield
56)  The Forbidden Kingdom
65)  Prom Night
89)  Milk
171)  Hamlet 2
279)  Teeth
332)  Repo:  The Genetic Opera
336)  Shelter
489)  Dear Zachary:  A Letter to a Son About His Father

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

I was going to wait to do movie awards, but I like the challenge or doing my nominations with so few movies.  Plus it will be interesting to see how it shifts as I see more movies.

Top 5 Movies:
The Dark Knight
WALL-E (winner)
Kung Fu Panda

Best Actress:
Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City
Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia!
Amanda Seyfried, Mamma Mia!
Jess Weixler, Teeth (winner)
Alexa Vega, Repo:  The Genetic Opera

Best Actor:
Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight (winner)
Jack Black, Kung Fu Panda
Sean Penn, Milk
Steve Coogan, Hamlet 2
Trevor Wright, Shelter

Best Supporting Actress:
Charlize Theron, Hancock
Jennifer Hudson, Sex and the City
Christine Baranski, Mamma Mia! (winner)
Alison Pill, Milk
Sarah Brightman, Repo:  The Genetic Opera

Best Supporting Actor:
Gary Oldman, The Dark Knight (winner)
Dustin Hoffman, Kung Fu Panda
Ian McShane, Kung Fu Panda
James Franco, Milk
Brad Rowe, Shelter

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