Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2007 Movie List

The Movies:
1)  Spider-Man 3
6)  I Am Legend
7)  The Bourne Ultimatum
10)  300
11)  Ratatouille
12)  The Simpsons Movie
15)  Juno
18)  Fantastic 4:  Rise of the Silver Surfer
20)  Enchanted
24)  Hairspray
27)  Ghost Rider
33)  Beowulf
36)  No Country for Old Men
49)  Sweeney Todd:  The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
69)  30 Days of Night
75)  Smokin' Aces
87)  28 Weeks Later
94)  The Mist
101)  Hot Fuzz
144)  Primeval
151)  Black Snake Moan
163)  The Orphanage
210)  The Host
258)  Rocket Science
296)  Southland Tales
465)  Naked Boys Singing!

(Numbers are box office rank for the year)

Top 5 Movies:
Hairspray (winner)
No Country for Old Men
Black Snake Moan
Rocket Science

Best Actress:
Amy Adams, Enchanted (winner)
Nikki Blonsky, Hairspray
Ellen Page, Juno
Christina Ricci, Black Snake Moan
Belen Rueda, The Orphanage

Best Actor:
Will Smith, I Am Legend (winner)
Matt Damon, The Bourne Ultimatum
Simon Pegg, Hot Fuzz
Samuel L. Jackson, Black Snake Moan
Reece Thompson, Rocket Science

Best Supporting Actress:
Amanda Bynes, Hairspray
Michelle Pfeiffer, Hairspray
Kelly Macdonald, No Country for Old Men
Anna Kendrick, Rocket Science (winner)
Sarah Michelle Gellar, Southland Tales

Best Supporting Actor:
James Franco, Spider-Man 3
Albert Brooks, The Simpsons Movie
James Marsden, Enchanted
Javier Bardem, No Country for Old Men (winner)
Nicholas D'Agnosto, Rocket Science

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